Compelling research has shown that when supplementing with IV NAD+ individuals are effectively recovering from chronic fatigue syndrome, alcohol and drug dependence, clinical depression, acute anxiety disorder, PTSD, chronic stress, anti-aging, cognitive impairment, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease. 

In as little as 6 to 14 days patients are reporting enhanced moods and emotional balance, increase mental clarity, decrease in disease related symptoms (ex: tremors associated with Parkinson’s), elimination of muscle tension due to toxicity, elimination of cravings associated with substance abuse, and minimizing withdrawal symptoms. 

Unfortunately, drugs, alcohol, stress, medication, chronic illness, and age all contribute to a decrease in our natural NAD reserve. As NAD goes down so does our cellular energy. Cells age and deteriorate creating disease at the cellular level. Our IV administration of NAD+ aims to restore this process. We administer this anti-aging compound directly into your blood circulation optimizing the potential for absorbing this life enhancing nutrient. 6 to 15 days of consecutive therapy with amino acids, minerals, and synergetic treatment modalities are delivered in a tailored approach to meet the individual’s needs. All treatment is delivered under the supervision of trained medical staff.

The Science 

The nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) molecule alternates between two forms. Which one is present depends on how it is being utilized. NAD+ is the reduced (active) form of the molecule. NADH is the oxidized (inactive) form of the same molecule. 

Energy production in your mitochondria – the little energy “powerhouse” that pump out ATP – ABSOLUTELY depends on the NADH (the inactive form) being recycled back to active NAD+. If this recycling stops and NADH accumulates the cell runs out of energy and it may die. 

Depleted levels of NAD+ and accumulation of NADH, or a low ratio of NAD+/NADH, can create problems for your mitochondria and your cells. It results in low levels of cellular energy and may be one of the primary contributing factors to “mitochondrial dysfunction”. 

Restoring NAD+ levels reveres this process an allows cells to return to full energy status, offering a possible way to undo mitochondrial damage and the resulting chronic illness.

NAD+ as an Anti-Aging Molecule 

Medical researchers have long known that a group of enzymes called sirutins play a crucial role in how the body ages-especially SIRT1 and SIRT3. Science has not yet figured out how they work precisely, but what we do know is intriguing. SIRT enzymes appear to switch on and off genes that promote aging such as those that cause inflammation, fat synthesis and storage, and blood sugar management issues. 

Until now the only way we could analyze the impact of SIRT enzymes was to go on a very low-calorie diet. Calorie restriction, although uncomfortable for most, is one of the few ways that has repeatedly shown to lead to a longer life. However, recent studies indicate that NAD+ plays a key role in the creation and activation of sirtuins. 

Washington University School of Medicine was the first to show this link in 2014. 1. The author notes: 

“NAD+ levels decline during the aging process and may be an Achilles’ heel, causing defects in nuclear and mitochondrial functions and resulting in many age-associated pathologies. Restoring NAD+ by supplementing NAD+ intermediates can dramatically ameliorate these age-associated functional defects, counteracting many disease and aging, including neurodegenerative disease.” 

These findings were corroborated in 2016 when the scientific journal Rejuvenation published an article where the authors discussed how NAD+ levels are directly associated with cellular aging, and they emphasize that this process can be PREVENTED by increasing the levels of NAD+ within cells.

NAD+ The Role in Chronic Illness and Neurodegenerative Disease 

Health and energy production are closely related. If your mitochondria aren’t functioning, or they are producing too little energy, your body will start producing symptoms. When the symptoms become severe, we go to the doctor, and now we are diagnosed with an illness. 

The link between NAD+, energy production, and chronic illness are evident. Low NAD+ results in low ATP levels. Low ATP levels quickly deplete your cell’s natural energy reserve. 

How this “illness” shows up in your body depends on where the depleted cells are present. If nerve cells are effected, one may experience tremors, spasms, tingling, numbness, or blurred vision. If brain cells are effected, one may experience lack of focus, fatigue, anxiety, or depression. Illness will eventually occur when your body is depleted from its natural energy reserve. 

Our exclusive protocols can be beneficial in restoring energy production- especially in the nerve tissue- and may even prevent permanent damage. 

One 2014 study showed that rats nerve cells pretreated with high concentrations of NAD+ before being deprived of oxygen survived the challenge given and recovered much faster than cells not bathed in extra protective NAD+.2. 

A recent review article published in 2015 states, after scientists examined all of the available scientific evidence they recommended NAD+ supplementation and restoration as a new therapeutic opportunity for a wide variety of neurodegenerative disease.3. 

Some of the conditions which may benefit from NAD+ IV infusion therapy include:

  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Parkinson's Disease
  • Alzheimer's Disease
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Anxiety/Depression
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Mitochondrial Dysfunction


NAD’s Role in Addiction 

Utilizing IV NAD+ supplementation for individual suffering from chemical dependency, drug or alcohol addiction continues to prove (what we consider) the most effective treatment on the market. The science is sound and the results are extraordinary! Patients continue to report recovery from their addiction within 8-15 days of having received our proprietary treatment of NAD+ with NO subsequent craving for their substance of choice and few withdrawal symptoms. 

Let’s understand the relationship between NAD+ and substance abuse by looking at the role NAD+ plays in the metabolism of alcohol: 

After you drink, your body tries to process and eliminate every molecule of alcohol. This is done in the liver where ethyl alcohol is converted to acetaldehyde. NAD+ is critical to this process. Alcohol donates 1 hydrogen molecule to NAD+ converting it to NADH (the inactive form). Your body has an abundant supply of NADH what it is always in search of is the nutrient NAD+. If this continues to happen the NAD+/NADH ratio becomes out of balance which can lead to further issues. 

In 2012 an article was released that concluded, that with an NAD+ depletion and an NADH accumulation that the mitochondria are disabled from ATP production within your liver cells, ultimately leading to live cell death. Your body would then be less capable of processing the alcohol out, which may set the stage for chemical dependency. 

Here at Bridgeway, we continue to see great success for individuals wanting to gain control of their life and over their addiction. Our patients continue to report:

  • Minimized withdrawal symptoms
  • Minimized length of time suffering from withdrawal
  • Elimination of cravings associated with drugs of choice
  • Increased cognitive awareness
  • Boosting energy, focus, and mental clarity
  • Detoxification at the cellular level

NAD/Brain Restoration Plus (BR+)

NAD/BR+ is a NAD+ proprietary protocol that the brain and body needs for healthy functioning. 

Studies done in the early 1960s demonstrated the efficacy and safety of IV NAD in detoxifying patients from alcohol, opiates, tranquilizers and stimulants. Like the early studies, our experience with the protocol over the years substantiates its benefits in greatly reducing withdrawal symptoms, as well as reducing, and often eliminating the cravings. 

Current research also indicates that NAD deficiencies may trigger a host of metabolic and degenerative diseases—including obesity, Type II diabetes, chronic traumatic encephalopathy, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s. When using NAD with the BR+ protocols for addiction or stress treatment, neurochemical imbalances can be restored to healthy functioning usually within ten days or less. 

At the end of the treatments utilizing more than 90% of patients no report cravings, increased clarity of mind, better problem-solving ability, improved focus and concentration, increased energy, and improved mood. When combined with psychological and spiritual counseling, individual or group therapy, 12-step programs, and spiritual practices, patients are able to make a lifelong recovery.

  • This product was originated and produced by Dr. Richard Mestayer and Paula Norris Mestayer. The results stated above are based on the Mestayer model delivery system.

This treatment is not a substitute for recovery. It is not a cure, it is the beginning of the process of healing. 


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 *results may vary

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