Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy


What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?


Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (mHBOT) is an oxygen therapy. Sessions can vary in length, and happen inside an oxygen-rich, pressurized chamber. Infusing the body with 95% medical grade oxygen under increased atmospheric pressure promotes healing and delivers benefits that breathing supplemental oxygen alone can’t achieve. mHBOT dramatically increases the oxygen in blood plasma, and in the brain, spine, and joint fluid. It has also been shown to significantly increase the ability of cells to produce energy. Sessions can vary in length and it is safe to use electronics in the tank.

Session Frequency

Multiple sessions are most effective. Session amount varies depending on the severity of the patients condition. Patients with acute symptoms may only require 1-3 sessions to be most effective. Those with chronic disease require between 10 and 40 sessions for permanent long-term benefits.

How it Works

While a patient is in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber breathing supplemental oxygen under increased pressure, oxygen saturates their red blood cells. The additional pressure causes oxygen molecules to become directly infused into bodily fluids—including plasma, lymph, spinal fluid and interstitial spaces and tissues.

Why it Works

Oxygen is involved in 5,769 known cellular processes. Many diseases thrive in a low oxygen environment. Lack of oxygen and blood flow to cells plus inflammation causes many things to happen, including:

  • Reduced ability to absorb nutrients
  • Reduced ability to remove cellular toxins
  • Increased oxidative stress (aging)

This makes it harder for cells to produce the energy needed to repair, regenerate and keep the body healthy and functioning properly. mHBOT treats common denominators shared by many diseases including low oxygen levels, reduced blood flow and inflammation. It works because patient’s lungs can gather more oxygen than is possible breathing pure oxygen at normal air pressure. Their blood carries oxygen throughout their body. This has a positive impact on many chronic illnesses.

MHBOT Pressure

Just like any drug, there are certain “dosages” of hyperbaric oxygen that are appropriate as treatment for certain conditions. There are 3 ways that hyperbaric oxygen dosages can be adjusted:

  • Degree of pressure used
  • Amount of oxygen given
  • Duration of treatment, including length of session under pressure, number, and frequency of treatments

The degree of pressure can vary for “mild hyperbaric” (mHBOT) –1.4 Atmospheres Absolute (ATA).

*results may vary

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