Parkinson's & Alzheimer's


When someone you LOVE is diagnosed with a neurodegenerative disease such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s, Cognitive Impairment, it can be some of the most devastating, overwhelming news to ever hear. We want to help! 

Bridgeway Institute offers a neurorestorative treatment centered around the delivery of NAD. Our patients are reporting tremors diminishing, increase in mobility and strength, improvement in speech, clarity of thought, decrease in muscle aches and pains, and more. 

When disease related symptoms become severe, we go to the doctor, and we are diagnosed with an illness. There is a direct link between health and energy production. NAD is responsible for health and energy at a cellular level. 

How this “illness” shows up in your body depends on where the depleted cells are present.  If nerve cells are effected, one may experience tremors, spasms, tingling, numbness, or blurred vision.  If brain cells are effected, one may experience lack of focus, fatigue, anxiety, or depression.  Illness will eventually occur when your body is depleted from its natural energy reserve. 

Our unique protocols can be beneficial in restoring energy production at the cellular level. We do not claim for this to be a cure but our patients continue to report “relief” from symptoms associated with their disease process.

*results may vary

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