Improve Your Emotional and Mental Well-Being With NAD+ IV Therapy

Your body is an amazing collection of systems that rely on one another to maintain your health and well-being. Your digestive system, for instance, processes the foods you eat and turns them into the sugars, amino acids, and fats your cells require for fuel. Your stomach depends on your bloodstream and circulatory system to transport these nutrients throughout your body.

NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) IV therapy addresses this necessary interconnectedness at the cellular level, where good health begins.

What NAD+ does for your cells

Your body uses molecules called enzymes to speed up metabolic functions, such as converting carbohydrates you eat to glucose (sugar). Enzymes are present throughout your body and contain chemical substances that specialize in different areas. Lipase, for instance, refers to enzymes that help break down and digest fats in your gut.

Coenzymes are present throughout your body as well and act as keys to unlock enzymes, so they can release their stored chemical substance. Many enzymes rely on coenzymes to perform their function. When these important coenzyme levels are reduced, your metabolism suffers. NAD+ is a coenzyme.

What’s vitamin B3 got to do with it?

Your body converts vitamin B3 (niacin) to NAD+, which unlocks various enzymes your cells use for energy production, DNA repair, regulating your immune system, and reducing inflammation.

NAD+ and your health

Actions that occur at the cellular level are vital to your overall health. Studies show that boosting levels of NAD+ may increase resistance to weight gain, improve control of blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and reduce nerve damage.

NAD+ levels tend to diminish with age, and research findings suggest this reduction may play a role in age-related health decline. Conversely, replenishing NAD+ levels can help overcome these age-related issues, including those related to mental acuity.

NAD+ also interacts with enzymes your brain uses to protect its neurons from damage and promote the growth of new neurons as necessary. It also activates MAO-A, an enzyme that’s known to affect dopamine and serotonin levels and mediate anxiety and depressive symptoms.

Medical science has long linked physical health with mental clarity and emotional well-being. How you feel physically often influences your thought processes and cognitive functions, mood, motivation, habits, and overall enjoyment of life.  

NAD+ IV therapy is not an instant fix. But in our clinical practice at Bridgeway Institute, our patients have experienced significant improvement in overall mood, focus, and emotional balance within 6-14 days of beginning therapy. That’s much quicker than the weeks to months it can take for antidepressants and other medications to regulate your mood.

We’ve found NAD+ IV therapy helpful for addressing:

NAD+ IV therapy is also very beneficial if you feel fine right now but are interested in preserving and protecting your cellular health and function.  

What’s the treatment like?

NAD+ is delivered via intravenous (IV) infusion to make it quickly available in your bloodstream, which optimizes your body’s ability to absorb this vital nutrient.

The therapy is tailored to meet the needs of each individual, and you may require 6-15 days of treatment. At Bridgeway, we also customize your plan to include additional supplements such as amino acids, vitamins, and minerals as necessary.

For more information about NAD+ IV therapy and the benefits it provides, call for an appointment at Bridgeway Institute or book your visit online.

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