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As an Opiate addict, I was extremely fearful of withdrawal symptoms. Had I known that it would have been this easy I would have used NAD/BR+ to detox a long time ago.


I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s over 10 years ago.  My shaking was so bad I could not eat with a spoon.  Within 1 treatment my tremors had went away.

Addison (Springfield Wellness Center)

After my 10 day IV treatment. I recieved an “eraser effect”. I have to remind myself that I used to be alcohol dependant. I feel Amazing!

New Orleans, Louisiana (Springfield Wellness Center)

Having battled depression all my life, i had tried every psychotrophic medication on the market. Because of this intergrative treatment approach, I am gratefully living my life free from the opression of depression.

Mandeville, Louisiana (Springfield Wellness Center)

Bridging Confidence and Securing a Path to Restoration and Recovery…

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At the age of 18 I was lost seeking to fill a void with any and every substance that would change my mood.Through the last four years I sought help various times but due to the price of detox facilities my only option was checking myself into a mental hospital for 72 hours or longer. I did this about 6 times and was diagnosed as being chemically dependent. For four years I struggled with being dependent on chemicals as a result I lost myself, my child, my freedom everything and anything you can lose I had lost.

June of 2016little did I know I was about to start my road of recovery. I was at a point where I was imprisoned in my own body. I wanted out but I had no idea how to escape what the devil had convinced me was my worth. I had no respect, morals, or compassion for anyone or anything my primary focus was fulfilling my next high. So I’m living what to me was a normal day when I received a phone call from my mom who tells me I have an opportunity to get the NAD detox treatment. I was willing to do whatever it would take to escape the fate I had given to myself but I was definitely skeptical as to what the results would be.

We got to the treatment center and I felt a sense of peace instantly just being with my mom and all the staff. The first initial day I had not used but was not in complete withdrawals since it had only been just making 24 hours sober. That was short lived for the next four days I went through the detoxing process. The only withdrawal symptoms I had for those days was being nauseous. Despite that it was the most comfortable detox I’ve experienced. No cold sweats, no cramping I didn’t feel like I would rather be dead I was able to get through it. On day 5 I woke up feeling like a new person.I no longer crave or even think about using.

My thoughts are clear and rational, I don’t have any logical excuse why anything of my past was okay I just knew I had the choice to change my future and that’s all I have to focus on and to this day 6 months later it is all I focus on all I can do is make the next right choice. The power is not mine it’s all in the Glory of God and with his gift of free will I always know I have a choice.

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